Santander Cycles

Premier are proud to announce their continued support of the Transport for London cycle scheme through Santander Cycles. Serving over 40 million riders since it’s inauguration in 2010, the scheme has over 11,500 bikes situated throughout the Central London area. Following the conclusion of the previous sponsorship deal in December 2014, the race was on to create an exciting Contact Centre customer experience for the new brand.

“I’ve not played it to anyone who hasn’t just gone…”wow!”…”

Santander Cycles wanted to take their customers on a journey, creating an innovative and valuable experience for each caller. Working closely with Chris De Souza, Contact Centre Manager, Premier have helped develop an incredible new audio brand for the central London scheme.

In order to exceed expectations, Premier’s award-winning creative team studied the Santander Cycles marketing collateral and texts. This research, combined with the unique creative workshops birthed the ‘Hire, Ride, Return’ strapline. An essential part of the launch, this strapline accurately represents their brand and resonates with their customers.


The Premier team deployed this strapline to create a bespoke audio track bursting with creativity, flair and catchy motifs. During a live recording session at the Premier Head Office in Laverstoke, Chris De Souza commented, “I’ve not played it to anyone who hasn’t just gone…”wow!”…”